Congratulations — You got in to Pacific!

You’re going to do amazing things here! Your time at University of the Pacific isn’t just a journey; it's the personal journey of a lifetime, and one we’ll take with you. This web page is designed to help you prepare for life at Pacific and give you a glimpse into why our students love our campus and the city of Stockton. You'll find useful information and links to help you take the next steps as the countdown to school begins.

Admitted Student Day 2024

Pacific was thrilled to welcome hundreds of families to campus on Admitted Student Day to give them insight into what life is like for Pacific students. Plus, our newest Tigers confirmed their enrollment in style by ringing the Burns Tower bells for all to hear! Haven't confirmed your enrollment yet? Click below and #jointheroar today!

Welcome to University of the Pacific! There are a few more steps to complete before classes start. Here is a checklist for reference.These steps happen after students pay their seat deposit and confirm their enrollment.

Action Item 

☐ By August 12

(or upon confirmation to the University thereafter)

Register for New Student and Family Orientation

Orientation is required for all incoming students and the student fee to attend is included in your enrollment deposit to the university. Students also have the option to register a parent/guest to attend Orientation with them (max 2 guests). There is a non-refundable Family Orientation fee of $60 per person to attend which includes meals and program materials. For questions, email the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs at

Click Here to access the Admitted Student portal to register for Orientation

☐ Within 30 days after receiving Admission letter

Activate your Pacific Login ID, Email and Password

Incoming students must activate their Pacific login credentials before they can access internal portals and online tools. This information was included in your admission packet. For login help or other technical support, email the Pacific Technology Helpdesk at

Click Here if you do not have access to your Pacific login credentials.

Upon confirmation to the University 

Apply for Housing and Submit SSD Accommodations (if needed)

For questions relating to living on-campus, email Residential Life and Housing at For assistance with accommodations of any kind, email Services for Students with Disabilities at

Click here for more information on Housing and access to the HOUSING PORTAL

☐ Within 30 days after receiving link to participate

Complete New Student Survey

Incoming students will complete a pre-matriculation assessment that will help the Pacific community to prepare your academic schedule, connect you with university resources tailored to your interests and needs. Watch your Pacific email account for an email pertaining to this survey. For questions, email the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs at

☐Within 30 days after receiving financial offer letter

Review and Accept Your Financial Aid Offer

Once available, login to your MyPacific portal under the Financial Aid section to review your financial aid eligibility and accept your federal student loans if you are planning to borrow for the 2024-25 academic year.  For questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at

Click Here to access the MyPacific portal to view your awards.

☐Before arrival to campus for New Student Orientation

Sign-Up for PacificCONNECT Emergency Notification System

PacificCONNECT is a campus-wide emergency notification system that provides enhancedemergency communications, and keeps all students, staff and faculty better informed. Allincoming students are strongly encourage to register for this notification system to ensure youare in the loop during any form of emergency on-campus. For registration questions, emailthe Pacific Technology Helpdesk at

Click Here to follow instructions to sign-up.

☐July 1

(or upon confirmation to the University thereafter)

Complete Placements and Submit Final Transcripts

Incoming students must complete placements depending on their subject area and major. All incoming students (all majors) will need to take a writing placement in addition to required placements in Chemistry, Foreign Language, Math, or Music depending on their major. Final transcripts and relevant standardized test scores should also be submitted to your Admitted Student Portal upon availability. For questions about Placements, email the Placement Office at

Click Here to access Placement FAQ and General Education resources.

☐August 1

(or upon confirmation to the University thereafter)

Enroll in a Payment Plan and Pay your University Bills

Incoming students can access their Student Accounts portal to pay their housing and tuition bills, set up a payment plan, and grant access to their account to authorized users. For questions, email Student Accounts at

Click Here to access the ePay portal to pay your University bill

☐ September 6

Provide Proof of Immunization and Health Insurance

Review the University’s immunization requirements and submit proof of vaccinations. You must complete the requirements, or an academic hold may be placed on your account. All students are also required to be enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance plan. Provide proof of coverage via family insurance plan or enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For questions, email Student Health Services at

Click Here to access the Health Services portal to submit your documents.

☐ Before arrival to campus for New Student Orientation

Complete Pre-Orientation and University Compliance Trainings

All incoming students must go through pre-Orientation and university education programs that cover topics including campus resource awareness, emergency preparedness, alcohol use, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and bystander awareness. Watch your Pacific email account for instructions on how to complete these trainings. For questions, email the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs at

☐ Before arrival to campus for New Student Orientation

Complete I-20 and Student Visa Process (International Students only)

For questions, email the Pacific Global office at

☐ Before arrival to campus for New Student Orientation

Submit Photo for Pacific ID Card

Watch your Pacific email account for an email from the Pacific Card Office with instructions to use CloudCard, an online photo submission tool. For questions, email the Pacific Card office at


We know how important understanding financial aid is to your overall Pacific experience. The financial aid website is a great place to start for resources and more information about the topics below. As always, if there's something you can't find on the website, or just want someone to walk you through it (and we wouldn't blame you at all!), you can contact the financial aid team.

It's not too late to file your 2024-2025 FAFSA

If you haven't already, we strongly encourage you to fill out the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid, aka the FAFSA, especially if you’re interested in being reviewed for potential grants or student loan opportunities. If you have filed, make sure you’ve sent it to Pacific; our school code is 001329. Need help? We have tips in our FAFSA Guide, and you can watch a FAFSA step-by-step demo here: 

Read your financial aid offer letter thoroughly

Review your Financial Aid Award Letter here once received 

Verification sounds intimidating, but we promise it isn't

You'll receive an email with instructions if you are selected for verification. If you’re selected, please don't be alarmed — you're not being singled out. The U.S. Department of Education selects about 30% of all students who file the FAFSA for verification, and many times, it's random. Verifying your information ensures that you will receive the maximum amount of aid you're eligible for. 

Tiger Takes

What attracted our students to Pacific? Maybe it's the sense of community they feel almost immediately — a common sentiment among our Tigers! Don't take our word for it — watch the Tiger Takes series every week to hear from them!

male student sitting on steps surrounded by orange and black balloons
Here For The Career
Tiger Perspective—Marlu Reyes

“I came to college to position myself for greater financial stability, and the career pathways that the Accounting major offers me have shown that I can realize that goal. I am very confident about where my career is heading. Pacific has prepared me to take on a high-pressure career with ease!"

instagram template image
Show your tiger spirit on social!

Represent your Tiger pride with Instagram and Facebook post templates, Zoom backgrounds, phone wallpapers and more for you and your family. Remember to tag @uopadmission when you post! #jointheroar

Tiger Perspective—Sarah Hess

“I was considering some other campuses, but ultimately I would have felt like a small fish in a big pond, whereas at Pacific, I get individualized professor attention. I really feel like the professors care about each student here, which I really like.”

Contact Us
There are no silly questions

We know that you're likely having a lot of emotions right now — excitement from being admitted, confusion about next steps, and everything in between. We're always available to answer your questions or get you in touch with someone who can. Don't be afraid to reach out!

staff member giving student a Tiger scarf

Helpful Pages

Student Cruz Gonzalez
Tiger Perspective—Cruz Gonzalez

“When I arrived at Pacific, I thought I’d be just another transfer student at the Conservatory left to my own resources, but from the audition day to my performances, the faculty have been there to help me in every way possible. The campus feels like a home where we can shape our ‘noise’ and ideas into definable pieces of art. It’s a great place to explore new music and see a smiling face around every corner.”

Welcome to the Pacific Family
Parents, this is your time, too

We're very excited to welcome your family to Pacific and invite you to visit our new Parent and Family Network, a portal dedicated to giving you the knowledge and support you need to make a decision about which school your student will attend in the fall. You'll find helpful resources, important dates and upcoming events, and the support of a community of parents.

You've come so far. It's time to start your adventure! Let's do this