Bon Mange: An Unique Dessert Experience

Bon Mange: An Unique Dessert Experience

Bon Mange is a fun and unique dessert experience

If you’re looking to stop at a food place that’s a bit different from Subway or Round Table, consider stopping by Bon Mange for a delectable dessert experience.

Opened in 2014 on 2819 W March Lane in Stockton, Bon Mange is a dessert place that specializes in macarons, but also sells other desserts and bubble tea.  With it’s many different options and fun flavors, Bon Mange aims to cater to their “Good Eats” slogan.

The macaron flavors expand from sweet to savory.  Some of the most delicious ones include cookies and cream, fruity pebble, coffee, and green tea. One that is especially unique is the Don Cheeto, with a cheese filling and covered in hot cheeto crumbs. It definitely doesn’t sound like a conventional macaron, but I believe it’s one of the best ones they have.

The quality macarons are also served at a decent price, allowing customers to buy them individually, by the half dozen, or by the dozen.

If you’re not feeling a macaron, you could also try out out one of their many snowflake flavors or their macaron ice cream. A snow to mention is the Horchata flavored one, which is also covered in caramel, chocolate, mochi, and almonds. Their macaron ice creams come as a sandwich allowing you to select from a variety of flavors.

If you’re really looking for an experience, their Nimbus Bites were just introduced this year.  Nimbus Bites are colorful cereal bites in liquid nitrogen, allowing customers to have a “cloudy” experience when eating. They also can be served with strawberry or chocolate dipping sauce and can be shared with a group of friends for a fun dessert experience.

Additionally, everything in the store is best enjoyed with one of the bubble tea drinks they sell as well.

Bon Mange is known for also having a friendly college atmosphere. Anyone can wind down with their friends and enjoy one of their many deserts, while playing a few board games. The prices are very reasonable, and the quality makes it more than worth it.

The options are almost endless at Bon Mange, and if you’re looking for something different, it is definitely the place for you. The relaxed environment and incredible service will have you coming back again and again just to try everything on the menu.

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